Trucking Cargo Strap Winder

Strap Wrapper
World's #1 Fastest Patented Way to Wrap Cargo Straps!
Straps can only be wrapped one way, assuring that when properly thrown over your load, the hook always faces the rail.

Seconds is all it takes to wrap most cargo nylon straps.
Straps are wrapped Easily, Quickly, Neatly.

Strong Aluminum, light weight design cargo strap wrapper with bronze bearings insure a long lasting, smooth reliable, strong tool.

Straps are uniquely wrapped in one direction only with extreme ease.
In just seconds, most all nylon cargo straps are wrapped easily, ready for next use. This is a great asset to your truck accessories, saving lots of valuable time, effort, and aggravation. Making Life A Little Easier! Pays For Itself in Time Saved!

    Straps are uniquely wrapped in one direction only with extreme ease. Rejecting strap if J-Hook is put on backwards. This assures that strap is wrapped the same way every time. Strap Wrapper will very quickly clamp to most any trailer, tool box, frame, truck bed etc., up to 1" thick horizontal or vertical.

Built of aluminum, light weight and extremely durable.


Rugged Aluminum Design with bronze bearings makes this a very durable and reliable tool.  Warranty pertains to natural wear. Wear it out due to use, we will replace it. Quickly keeping your straps wrapped neatly and out of weather for ease of use next time. Pays for itself in time saved.

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